Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Limitations" = Opportunities!

I so often hear people complaining of how busy they are, how they never have time to talk to a friend, to read a good book, to cook a nice dinner, to journal, to .... it makes me sad to see a world full of people who are unable to enjoy the small beauties of life because of being too busy.

In my desire to focus on the good and not the negative aspects of my "poor" health one of the best things I can think of is the amazing gift God has given to me of free time! I am unable to work, or even do many things that take commitments at this point - BUT I am FREE to do things that I can - like read, do this blog, talk to young people on facebook, send encouraging notes to friends, write songs, pray for people that I know who are hurting, so many wonderful things that are much more important than many of the things our culture chases after day in and day out. I am blessed to have this gift!

Yes, I could choose to focus on the down sides of my days alone, but my desire is to learn day by day the attitude of a happy person in pain. A Happy person in pain. An oxymoron to probably many people - but a concept that I am loving exploring. My hands hurt too much to type any more tonight - so I am off to whatever God has for me to do ... I want to use my "limitations" to open doors for me!

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