Friday, January 8, 2010

Only a Moment ...

Only a moment
Only a sigh
Eternity is heavy
With Glory by and by ...

These are words to a song that came from a verse in the Bible which talks about how the momentary afflictions are producing an eternal weight of glory. One of my favorite passages in the Bible. I don't even feel like I wrote this song, because it was as if God simply put it in my heart.

Today is a moment day. I get overwhelmed if I begin thinking of having this much pain for another hour ... but moment by moment I can endure much more.

When the darkness is too deep
the pain to great to sleep
Al the night hod my hand
Make me brave help me stand

When my eyes no more can see
When my shame is all of me
All the journey be nearby
Hear my voice to You I cry

And when this life is past
when I breath my mortal last
I will know within my heart
That this life was just a part

The focus on eternity and heaven is something that I don't think I would have learned if it wasn't for pain that makes this life uncomfortable. For that I thank God.

Only a moment ...

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