Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hot Water

I am so so thankful for hot water! Today was a very busy and stressful day as I faced something that was hard for me but made it through and am so happy to be done! There is always a physical let-down after something stressful or even fun that involves going out of the house. When I get back home I feel like I went through a washing machine! So, tonight I slipped into a hot hot bath. The water just erased so much of the day's pains and stresses. The warmth was like a great big enveloping hug. So often I will feel as if I just can't take another moment, and then I remember to try a bath. Sometimes my husband has to remind me. I almost always feel such relief for a brief moment when I first get into the water ... I am aware only of the heat - and it is such a beautiful thing!

I've talked about little things before, and I am sure that I will again because little things are so important to the coping with pain. A bath may be a little thing but what a wonderful little thing!

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