Saturday, January 16, 2010


The sun danced across my back, its deliciously warm and inviting comfort surrounded me as I sat in the living room this morning. I was doing my breathing treatment which sometimes seems just too long and hard, but this morning it was different. The house was quiet, and when I started the fog had been covering the valley. But as I sat there the sun broke through the fog and suddenly it looked like spring in January! The beauty of the tall grasses, the pond sparking, the ducks making trails behind them - breathtaking!

I decided this morning that I would take the time I spend breathing medication into my lungs, to talk to God. It's time that I need to focus on something other than the treatment, and time that feels wasted as I can't get up or do much. Prayer is the perfect activity!

I am finding that God can transform anything into something for good. The fact that my lungs don't work properly could be something to complain about - but it gives me extra time to focus on things above and to deepen my relationship with Him. I may not have what others think a "happy life" should be, but secretively I think that I may actually be happier than many without pain.

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