Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Things

Busy days. I don't have many of those anymore (which I am thankful for in many ways). But today was one of them. I needed the car to go to a doctor appointment since my husband is working so I ended up taking him to his job site and then heading to our house to pack some things and clean the fridge out. I did stop to watch a wedding show on TV (I love weddings!) to rest in between packing. A quick stop at my parent's house to drop something off and pick something up. Then back to the house we are moving into and I tossed a turkey into a big pot to boil down for soup. Some more sitting with my heating pad. Then off to the doctor. Now I am back home and wishing that I didn't have to take the turkey out and mess with getting the meat off the bone and making soup.

On days like these I feel so tired and sore, but it's the little things that keep me going. The thought of my handsome husband coming home. The joy of clean laundry. The accomplishment of having actually driven somewhere. A warm shower. My heating pad. A quick conversation with my mom. Rather than focus on the pain that being busy causes me I need to focus on the little things during these busy days that are sometimes unavoidable. The thought that tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere all day long is going to get me through the evening and night.

And of course having my husband's hand to hold.

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  1. I struggle so much with guilt over things that I cannot help and not accepting that there are physical things that I cannot do. Your observations here are so true and helpful.